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About Amy

"My skin is entirely clear, which it has never been in my whole adult life. Amy knows the protocol to get acne cleared up and I will recommend her acne treatment regime to anyone who wants to get clear.

Thank You Amy!"





I struggled with acne for many years. In high school, I would stay home to avoid being seen and I didn't even leave my bedroom, let alone my house, without heavy makeup to try and hide my skin. I tried just about every product and treatment I could find and spent countless dollars only to be disappointed. I finally found relief when I began to see an esthetician who showed me how to use the right products in the right way to treat my acne. Amazingly, it worked and I have enjoyed clear skin ever since!


My struggle with acne inspired me to become a licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist. I trained and worked with the top acne specialists in the country. For over 10 years I have focused on treating acne for those who struggle with it just like I did. My mission is to give clients the confidence they deserve with skin that is radiant and acne-free, through education and clinical, effective, treatments and products in a comfortable and welcoming space.


 I treat clients of all ages, skin types and ethnicities. My protocol has a 95% success rate. If you have tried everything out there with the same disappointing results I had, I am here to get you clear once and for all.









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