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The Shocking Truth About Acne Products

Today I got an email that caught my eye. The subject line said “Get the clearest skin of your life”. So, of course, I opened it and found this.

As you can see it’s a very enticing ad and I can understand the allure of it. “A Farewell to Acne” sounds great, whether it’s a few breakouts here and there or a more severe issue, almost everyone can relate to it. There were ten products that were being promoted including cleansers, primer, concealer, moisturizers, spot treatments and exfoliants. Each product promised healthy skin and a way to reduce and prevent breakouts every day. Knowing what I know, I decided to check it out. The first, and most important thing I did was look at the ingredients. Every. Single. One. As I’ve mentioned before, just because a product claims it’s “non comedogenic”, “oil free” and “won’t clog pores” doesn’t mean it won’t. This is not regulated by the FDA or any other government agency so companies can put whatever they want on the label. Out of the ten products I looked at there were only two that did not contain pore clogging ingredients. Some of them had up to six pore clogging ingredients in one formulation! So not only will these products not help with your acne, they will absolutely make it worse. I was not surprised by this as I see it all the time but most people just don’t know how common acne causing ingredients are in skin care, even acne products. One of the worst offenders was a 1.7 ounce Kate Somerville acne treatment/moisturizer for $65! As someone who struggled with acne and spent tons of money on products only to be let down, I can absolutely sympathize and understand why these products are so desireable, but to spend that amount of money on a product that is supposed to help while unknowingly making acne worse is heartbreaking. To make matters worse, because it takes 30-90 days for acne to form and surface, most people don’t make the connection that what they’re using is a problem. This is why I’ve dedicated myself to helping others who are struggling with acne so that they can take control and achieve beautiful clear skin that stays that way.

If you'd like to get clear once and for all and learn how to become a savvy consumer set up a consultation with me today!

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