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5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Anyone who’s ever had a breakout knows that even once a breakout clears, there is a dark mark that is left behind. As if having breakouts isn’t frustrating enough, now you’ve got dark spots that seem like a permanent problem. In many cases these marks are referred to as “scars” but that’s incorrect. Although acne can cause permanent scarring, ( I’ll discuss acne scars in another blog) these dark marks are neither scarring, nor permanent. They’re called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, or PIH. Here are the ways I treat PIH for my clients. First get clear- Anytime someone asks me about their PIH this is the first thing I tell them. As long as you are breaking out you’ll continue to develop marks. Even if a person only gets a few breakouts each month, that’s 24 dark spots over the course of a year (and yes the marks can last that long if you’re not treating them properly). There is no sense in spending money on lightening products as long as you’re breaking out. You must first get on the proper home care regimen to clear your acne. Get Regular Treatments- My program takes 3-4 months with bimonthly treatments and home care. Home care products and the peels I use in treatments not only clear acne but will help to lighten PIH as well. Please see a licensed professional for your peels. Doing this at home can cause serious damage. Don’t pick- Picking is traumatic, especially in acne prone skin. Picking exacerbates the dark marks and it will cause them to take much longer for them to fade. Picking will also make acne worse. If you know you are a picker and have a hard time leaving your skin alone check out Wear Sunscreen- Just as sun exposure can darken skin, it will also darken PIH. My clients wear an SPF of at least 30 every day even if it’s raining. There are lots of great sunscreens

available now that won’t leave your skin feeling oily or chalky and white. Be patient- Just like any injury takes time to heal or an illness takes recovery time, your skin takes time to heal. Dark marks won’t fade in a matter of a few weeks but be patient. If you are doing the things I mentioned above PIH will fade and you will enjoy beautiful skin. Lots of my clients no longer wear makeup!

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