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Fish Oil Supplements For Your Acne

Research suggests that Omega-3 fish oils promote healthy joints, heart, and brain function. Of particular interest to acne sufferers, fish oils may help to regulate hormones, lessening the frquency and duration of inflamed breakouts. Anectdotal evidence has shown that people who suffer from chronic inflammatory acne may benefit from taking therapeutic doses (1000-1700 mg) of purified Omega-3 oils daily.

It is important to choose a high quality fish oil. In order to do this, here are a few things you should know:

Read the label

The reason for taking fish oil supplelents is to gain the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are known as EPA and DHA and these are the ingredients important to reducing inflammation and chronic breakouts. It is important to ensure you are getting the proper amount of EPA and DHA from your fish oil. Many labels simply mention the total count of omega-3 fatty acids. The problem with this, is you don’t know the actual amount of EPA and DHA you're getting. Since the idea is to get 1,000-1,700 mg of omega 3's, it is best to look at the supplement facts on the back of the bottle. From here, you will add the EPA and DHA together. If the number you get is close to 1,000, it will be enough to get your proper dose. If that number is much lower than 1,000, you would have to take many capsules each day in order to get the proper dosage. Some popular brands have such a low amount of EPA and DHA that you may have to take over eight capsules daily!

Avoid ingredients like iodides

Many supplements contain iodides. An iodide is a component of iodized salts and can actually make acne worse. Be sure to avoid these in your fish oil supplement.

Look for Vitamin E

Vitamin E prevents oxidizing. It can be found under "other ingredients" on the supplement facts. Many times it is listed as a tocopheral, or mixed tocopherals.

Look for molecularly distilled or pharmaceutical grade fish oil

This will be mentioned on the label. This process removes impurities and contaminants like mercury and produces a more potent fish oil.

Look for enteric coating.

This coating keeps the capsule from breaking down before it reaches your digestive tract. This prevents those fishy burps that are often associated with fish oil supplements.

Beware of Vegan and Vegetarian Alternatives

Many Vegan and Vegetarian omega-3 supplements are made from algae which contains iodides. If you are looking for an alternative to fish oils, flaxseed oil is a great alternative.

Now you have the tools you need to find a great fish oil supplement! I often recommend Source Naturals Fish Oil to my clients but there are many options available.

*Please note: Check with your physician if you have a chronic underlying illness or are pregnant or nursing before beginning this supplement

Supplements alone will not get rid of your acne. For more information about how to have clear skin, contact Amy Earnest, Acne Specialist

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