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Biotin Pills: Yes or No?

Biotin is touted for being great for hair, skin and nails but for anyone who struggles with breakouts, it should be avoided. Acne is a disease also known as retention hyperkeratosis which, in simpler terms, is a buildup of dead skin cells inside of the pores. Everyday we shed layers of dead skin cells inside of our pores but those of us with acne are shedding up to five layers each day versus someone who doesn’t have acne and only sheds one layer. This excessive shedding is too much for our bodies to keep up with so a plug, also known as a microcomedone, eventually forms and that’s how all acne starts. The problem with Biotin is that it speeds up the shedding of cells and causes a traffic jam in the pores which makes acne much worse. Biotin is found in most pills for hair, skin, and nails. It’s also very common in mutlivitamins and prenatal vitamins. In some cases, taking Biotin can even cause acne in those who have not previously had issues with breakouts.

Horsetail is a supplement that can be taken to help thicken hair and prevent hair loss as it contains a high level of silica which helps strengthen both nails and hair and can improve blood circulation, leading to healthier hair follicles. You can find more information about Horsetail here.

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